Mitsubishi canter engine

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mitsubishi canter engine

It is considered as used car, but it has never been used. Mitsubishi is the automobile manufacturer with a long history following Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

After the alliance cancellation with Daimler, Mitsubishi had a difficult time for introducing new cars in the market. However, these days it is successively introducing new cars, and that is clearly reflected to business management. Please use a registered insurance company in Kenya. Please use a registered insurance company in Tanzania. If you do not have a login ID, please register for free first. Your ID and Password do not match. A Log-in Seal is a unique text that you select to help protect your account from phishing websites.

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Actual rates, terms, down payment and program eligibility will be determined by the finance company: Daimler Truck Financial DTF or Hitachi Capital America Corporation, based upon the creditworthiness of the customer. Not all customers will qualify for this offer. Not available in Canada, Guam or Puerto Rico. Quantities limited and subject to availability at select dealers. Not all-independent Mitsubishi Fuso dealership may participate.

Offer expires June 30, or as quantities last. This system provides drivers with audible and visual alerts for speeding, lane departure and potential pedestrian or vehicle collisions. Through customized reports, you will experience a new level of efficiency and data management.

Comfortable for any driver, the FE serves well in construction, landscaping, and transport industries. Pictures and illustrations may show accessories and items of special equipment which are not part of standard specification. Certain models and services may not be available in certain countries. FE Diesel. Appearance Cab Colors. Specifications Download Spec Sheet. Weight Ratings.

New & Used MITSUBISHI CANTER Engines Spare Parts

Curb Weight. Base model. Estimated max. Min and max body sizes. DOHC, 4-cylinder, 4-stroke cycle, water-cooled, turbocharged, intercooled diesel with 4 valves per cylinder, with high-efficiency electrically-engaged cooling fan.

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Engine power - hp. Engine torque - lb-ft. Air Cleaner. Dry paper element with snorkel. Axle Capacity. Final Reduction Gear. Type rear. Single-reduction hypoid. Ratio std. Top Speed, Est.Knowledge Useful tips. Canters with 4D engine sell very well also in CardealPage. Let's take a closer look at this engine. Ina canter with 4D 30 engine was launched. After that it has been improved to 4D31 and 4D The displacement of each engine is as follows. With its high displacement and power capacity, it must be popular.

The gasoline engine equipped model is only Canter Guts, adopted 4G The points, we have explained so far, are the items that we can obtain from official documents like Export Certificate. The conditions of these 3 truck beds are summarized as follows. In addition, Full Flat Low seems not to be recognized abroad, but depending on countries and buyers, it is included in High Deck class though no equipped inch tire.

Difference in recognition can be seen among the countries. When loading and unloading is carried out, workload is naturally low with lower truck bed, so many low trucks Just Low with low truck bed are on sale.

On the other hand, in overseas countries, the road surface condition is not as well developed as in Japan. Collapsed state asphalt, holes and small mountains on the road, so "High Deck" is popular.

Passenger car installed mechanism like consisting of spring coil and shock absorber functions for shock absorption and gives ride comfort while you are driving. It is hardly broken due to made of iron plate and so widely equipped for commercial vehicles mediocre ride comfort. There are two positions fixed Leaf Spring as below. When Leaf Spring is fixed under differential gear, it may get damaged with scratching by bad ground surface as already mentioned.

High Deck with overslang is very searched by buyers from all over the world, because it is least affected by road conditions. However, such vehicles are not so circulated in Japan, so then the price is higher and it is hardly to find. Double rear tires are usually equipped to commercial vehicles, but it can be also single tires. In that case, by increasing the tire size it is supported to capable to withstand heavy weight, so the High Deck with single tire is also looked for.Page of Go.

Page 92 - To decrease the set speed in cruise cont Page 93 - To reactivate the temporarily deactivate Page - How to perform the parked DPF regenerati Page - Further reduced DEF level warning patte Page Page - Faulty BlueTec exhaust gas aftertreatmen Page - Precautions for inspection and mainte-na Page Page - Instruments and warning lamps Page - Arrangement of instruments and warning l Page - Location of control and indicator lamps Page - Selecting drivemode - transfer gear rang Page - Installing tire chains Page Page Page - Simple inspection and service Page - General precautions for servicing the ve Page Page - To reach the access opening Page - Power steering fluid and engine coolant Page - Battery - check Page - Inspecting the battery Page - Cleaning the terminals Page - Battery removal and installation Page - Air filters - cleaning Page - Cleaning your vehicle Page - Exterior cleaning Page Page Page - Rust and corrosion Page - Interior cleaning Page - Organic contaminants Page - Intercooler - cleaning Page Page - Useful advice for emergencies Page - Possible failures, causes and remedies Page - The engine starts but stalls immediately Page - Engine oil pressure does not build up Page - Drive power is insufficient Page - Steering is difficult Page - Stopping your vehicle in an emergency Page - If the engine overheats Page Page - When a fuse has blown Page - Blade-type fuses Page - Inspection and replacement of blade-type Page - Towing Page - When the vehicle becomes stuck in soft g Quick Links.

Download this manual. Table of Contents. Automobile Mitsubishi Colt Owner's Manual pages.The same range has been marketed by Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America in North America sincethough it was called the FE model rather than the Canter until the model year. The Canter is named after the English word describing the gait of a horse, emphasising the 'thoroughbred' nature of Mitsubishi trucks. The Canter nameplate was first introduced in March for the existing T20 range of light-duty trucks.

These early models were sold almost entirely in Asia. The Asia-Pacific was the main market for the Canter until the early s. Later the series began seeing export or local manufacture in markets including Europe, the Middle-East and North America. In many markets the Canter was very expensive and was replaced by the Mitsubishi Fuso Truck when that model became available for worldwide market in the early s.

Australia was another important market for the Canter - to the extent that it was manufactured there from the s using many local components.

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Most models of the truck are distinguishable by a front 'Canter' badge, but the common Mitsubishi badge is usually used on the rear. In several markets, including the United Kingdom, the Canter is sold as the "Fuso Canter" rather than as a Mitsubishi. European sales began in the Benelux countries in the late s.

About of the narrow cabined fourth generation Canters had been sold there bywhen local assembly of a wide-bodied Canter in Belgium by importer Moorkens N V was begun on a trial basis. The factory achieves a production capacity of 15, units per year and shift with approximately employees October More thanvehicles have been produced here to date. High production quality, certified with ISO-standards, combined with a rigorous test program and extensive final inspection and quality checks lead to a tough and reliable truck.

This model has also been built in Indonesia for many years; it is sold as the "Colt Diesel" there. In latea new Canter was presented, with safety being the main issue. Also a new hybrid truck, the Canter Eco Hybrid was presented commercially. The European market is supplied exclusively with Canter vehicles from the Mitsubishi Fuso assembly plant in Tramagal Portugal. The eighth generation model had a redesign in having a Duonic 2.SBT use cookies to give you the best possible experience and serve the most relevant ads.

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Welcome guest. View Details. The Mitsubishi Canter is a light commercial vehicle which is offered on the Japanese market since the year The small truck is mainly used in the city because the compact dimensions of the Mitsubishi Canter truck ensure very good handling even in narrow streets.

The vans can also be equipped with different superstructures and extensions, so the vehicle for towing, as refrigerated trucks with appropriate Refrigerated or flatbed with tilting is offered. The current model of the Mitsubishi Canter truck chassis is represented by three different variants, which differ only on the engine power. The engine for the new or used Mitsubishi Canter is a four-cylinder diesel engine with 3. As 4PT4 variant of small vans reaches hp and Nm of torque.

The top model of the Mitsubishi Canter truck is brought from hp and Nm at speed.

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Only three in common is a factory-installed 5-course manual transmission, which can be exchanged optional and at an additional cost to a 6-speed dual clutch transmission DUONIC. It is payload capacity, versatility and maneuverability. The switching speed is extremely fast start-up performance completely unaffected on the mountain and when maneuvering. The canter truck can load approximately kg.

With Paying attention to good aerodynamics does not pay off in windy areas in euros and cents - nor does the light truck. On the highway, the consumption will already see a lot better: The fuel consumption of the truck is relatively efficient and economical with the heavy load it takes.

Even the relatively small motor, the engine of the canter truck is efficient and works well in any condition. The interior as well as exterior is pretty much okay according to the truck. Cookies on sbtjapan. Desktop Icon PC Site. Menu Icon Menu. Welcome guest Login Sign up.

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Why Choose SBT? Specs of Mitsubishi Canter Truck The current model of the Mitsubishi Canter truck chassis is represented by three different variants, which differ only on the engine power.

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Despite its fairly standard exterior design, the CANTER still maintains a distinct look, thanks to its front fascia design.

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The ride quality leaves a lot to be desired because of the firm suspension, but this also becomes an advantage as it makes the CANTER more maneuverable around tight corners and turns. Similar Type of the Vehicles. Show compare list Compare list. Find us on.

mitsubishi canter engine

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Mitsubishi Canter 3.9 diesel engine startup

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mitsubishi canter engine

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